Freesat V7 Combo ATSC new firmware(24/12/2016)

Freesat V7 HD / V7 Max /V7 Combo/ V7 Combo ATSC firmware and channel list.

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Freesat V7 Combo ATSC new firmware(24/12/2016)

Postby Rambo » Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:57 am

Freesat V7 Combo-ATSC:
Notice: Please do the following steps :
1) backup the channel list.
2) export the softcam.key to usb device
3) update the firmware to box by allcode mode
4) update channel list then import softcam.key
Importance Notice:
We found one bug:
the channel list(dumped by user db mode) don't be updated back in last fw. Please do the following step:
a)Update maincode
b)backup user db
1) Thai language modify
--- thanks Dumnern Suksumrarn took many times to adjust.
2) Indonesia subtitle don't auto display
--- thanks Henrianto Leo sent ts file for me debug
3) 121.00W-3841-H-30000 powervu key generated.
4) some audio channel don't output sound
(3.17 MiB) Downloaded 264 times

Freesat V7 Combo-ATSC:
1) scroll the long channel name
2) generated powervu key for 121.00W-3982-V-29269
thanks GADAPH BUSHAGAMA help to catch the channel data .
3) added Thai and Indonesia Language
4) modify the Thai epg problem
5) the db tool don't show correctly FAV group name when dumped only channel list
6) support update V7HD /V7 combo channel list to Combo-ATSC box.
(3.17 MiB) Downloaded 155 times

This the first release Freesat V7 Combo-ATSC FW.
Please get it then update allcode to your box if you had it.
(3.16 MiB) Downloaded 488 times
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