Give us a software to edit firmware files

for the power, AV cable,HDMI cable....

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Give us a software to edit firmware files

Postby nitix007 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:02 pm

All the Freesat Products are great,but sometimes they have issues like all technology today! To make Freesat products better i think the company should show to their users how to edit firmware files , so users and developers will try to make these products better, i also mean we can customize our freesat receivers and make them better! At the end the buyers and the company with profit because a company that allows customazing their own devices attracts more people just like Android phones!
Please Freesat can you show to people how to edit .bin firmwares!! I mean make it kinda "open source" .Give us a program how to edit firmware files like you gave us a program to edit .db files to edit channels list!! Please !!!
Please the users of Freesat if you agree with my request please sign this petition it takes only a couple of seconds so Freesat company with know that this request should be approved!
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