problem with firmeware v8 orange nova

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problem with firmeware v8 orange nova

Postby lurinak75 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:09 am

problem with v8 orange nova, try to put an old firm and do not leave me, I have installed the last

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Re: problem with firmeware v8 orange nova

Postby Feralkiwi » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:56 pm

Try to downgrade by the flash.bin method.

flash.bin recovery is done like this.

Place a copy of the unpacked software (the .bin file) on a USB stick and rename it "flash.bin"
With the USB in the unit, power on while repeat pressing "Menu" on the remote. You must use the V7 remote on the V7.
The unit should reload the software.

Also other users say that you must use a USB stick, not a card holder etc and that stick must be 32Gb or under.

I have had units that will not recover.
Try using the same software as was in the unit when it crashed, not the new update software.
You must use the correct software, iV7HD for the V7HD etc, not software for any other freesat units.

Try even older software as the file for flash.bin.

Look at the LED in the USB stick. When the TV shows the message "USB Upgrade, do not turn off" you should see the LED on the USB flash as the file is loaded.
The USB LED should also flash a few times as the unit first powers on and looks at it.
Also users have said to use the rear USB port for this on V8 units.

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Re: problem with firmeware v8 orange nova

Postby lurinak75 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:41 pm

a feralkiwi greeting, what you tell me that is proven, has never given me problems but this has happened to me, I am not worried because it seems that the latter is not going so badly with the iptv, what I have not checked is if the xtreme follows the problem that you can not erase the introduced and you have to reset the box, the player is still causing problems but not as much as before, it would be nice to know what players have these boxes and can modify or change them by other players. thank you

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