New V8 Super/ Golden & Nova, North American Satellite list Database

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New V8 Super/ Golden & Nova, North American Satellite list Database

Postby toomanyreceivers » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:15 pm

Here is a New V8 Super/ Golden & Nova, North American Satellite list Database.

This list replaces the one found here:

Some have asked for the satellites to be listed by degree as that does not change but sometimes the satellite name does change.
So the new listing now reads like this on the new channel list. Example (C_133w_Gal_15) and (ku_125w_AMC_21)

It will work on the newer firmware for the V8 Super.
It lists satellites from 139° W to 30° W. Total of 60 Satellites are listed in this file.
Contains both C & ku satellites
You will need to make changes to your DiSEqC settings Port 1, Port 2 settings.

The only channels in this list are on 87w LPB channels. No other channels are in this list.
Since a blind scan will pull in the channels there was no sense to put them in here.

Some satellites only have 1 dummy transponder but others have several transponders in the receiver that are all active.
Since there are changes every time you turn around this just makes it easier for those in North America.
C & KU satellites are separated to keep things more simple.
This should make it easier for those in North America since the V8 Super does not come with these satellites listed in the receiver.
Update this via your flash drive.

Longitude settings have been set properly for North America, So this will save users an hour or two of time consuming work.

I hope this make things easier for some people in creating a satellite list in North America.

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